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 Digital twins.jpg Blog

If You Build Products, You Should Be Using Digital Twins

By Yana Arnautova

Digital TransformationTesting and QAManufacturing and Industrial

Digital twin technology is one of the fastest growing concepts of Industry 4.0. In the simplest terms, a digital twin is a virtual replica of a real-world object that is run in a simulation environment to test its performance and efficacy

 Beyond digital transformation 3.jpg Blog

Beyond Digital Transformation

By Krishna Singh

AI and MLDigital TransformationAutomotive

We predict the top 6 trends that will take businesses beyond digital transformation over the next 5-7 years.

 Jim covid 2.jpg Blog

Digital Refugees of the COVID-19 Crisis

By Dr. Jim Walsh


Those who do not use technology in their everyday lives are being forced to connect in ways they never have before.

 Cross platform wp.jpg White Paper

Choosing the Right Cross-Platform Framework for Mobile Development

By Oleksandr Furdylo, Ajay Chaudhary, Denys Bratchuk

MobilityAutomotiveCommunicationsConsumer and RetailFinancial ServicesHealthcareManufacturing and IndustrialMedia

GlobalLogic rates cross-platform mobile frameworks to help readers choose the best technology stack for developing or expanding a mobile application.

 Covidblog2.jpg Blog

COVID-19: Proving the Case for Digital Transformation

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Digital TransformationInsights

Unlike previous crises, the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the vulnerability of companies who have not yet pivoted strongly to digital.

 Microservices qa.jpg Blog

Best Practices for Microservices QA Automation

By Rohit Sehgal

ArchitectureTesting and QAAutomotiveCommunicationsConsumer and RetailFinancial ServicesHealthcareManufacturing and IndustrialMediaTechnology

Learns how to build a dashboard to automate QA for all the disparate processes of a microservice architecture.

 Wifi quality.jpg Solution

Wi-Fi Quality of Experience

By GlobalLogic


GlobalLogic offers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a comprehensive solution that can be deployed at any customer location to monitor the area’s Wi-Fi environment, predict the customer’s Wi-Fi quality of experience, and even take certain actions to improve it.

 Blog always on wifi.jpg Blog

How to Deliver Always-On Wi-Fi

By Emily Gunn


GlobalLogic's Wi-Fi QoE (quality of experience) solution enables ISPs to automatically monitor and improve an area's Wi-Fi.

 Scaledevelopmentteams.jpg Blog

MockK Framework for Unit Testing in Kotlin (Android Mobility Development)

By Sachin J Gurnaney


Unit testing is core to any software development process. In this blog, we demonstrate how MockK is an advantageous framework for unit testing with Kotlin, the preferred programming language for Android mobility development.

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