Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Considerations That Vehicle Manufacturers Need to Know

By Kulbhushan Bhardwaj

Connected vehicle cybersecurity is no longer the Wild West it once was. Here are the regulations and major considerations manufacturers need to know.

IoT Applications in a Distributed Cloud

By Volodymyr Vyshko, Vladyslav Branytskyi, Vasyl Akimov

Learn how to architect an IoT cloud and distribute computing close to the user, enabling technology to operate without downtime or delays.

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer: A 鈥奟oadmap to Success

By Faisal Mushtaq

Provides a step-by-step roadmap for preparing for GCP Data Engineer Certification by Pankaj Khurana

Edge Computing - Everything you need to know

By Bharat Bhooshan Tyagi

Edge computing can change the way businesses operate. Check out this complete guide to edge computing.

Distributed Cloud Monitoring

By Vladyslav Branytskyi, Volodymyr Vyshko

Companies need visibility of their distributed clouds. Read about the solutions to overcome difficulties in monitoring and logging a distributed cloud.

Cloud Powered Media and OTT Mean Outsized Advantages

By Raja Renganathan

Media and entertainment brands must deliver exceptional experiences to an increasingly savvy audience 鈥 and cloud technology is helping them deliver. Here鈥檚 how.

Cloud Data Platform Architecture Primer

By Surbhi Nijhara

Cloud-data platform architecture uses cost-effective processes, elastic scalability, and efficient managed services to modernize and transform businesses.

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