GlobalLogic Cafe: Digital Leadership — Creating a (Software) Product Driven Organization 

By GlobalLogic

A (software) product driven organization delivers value through software and challenges the current structure and legacy approaches to IT and product development.

Apple Pay: Ecosystem Insight & Integration with iOS Mobile Apps

By Gaurav Garg, Pradeep Kumar

Customers love the simplicity of Apple Pay, and you’ll love the increased conversion rates that come with it. Learn how to get started with Apply Pay today.

The Scrum Guide is Dead — Long Live the Scrum Guide!

By Roman Shcherbak

The latest version of the pivotal Scrum Guide has ushered in some interesting changes, including a significant simplification of language for a wider audience.

Automation Framework: Technical Documentation

By Shrikant Purohit

In this brief white paper, we provide you with an overview of various automation frameworks and their approaches, including behavior-driven development (BDD) frameworks, Spock frameworks, and customized frameworks.

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