How to Deliver Always-On Wi-Fi Blog

How to Deliver Always-On Wi-Fi

By Emily Gunn

GlobalLogic's Wi-Fi QoE (quality of experience) solution enables ISPs to automatically monitor and improve an area's Wi-Fi.



By Karolina Busz

It’s 2077. A 95-year-old man, Martin, begins his day with a wholesome breakfast followed by a healthy walk prescribed by his caregiver. He is feeling fine. He has long been looked after by specialists who monitor his health and know everything about his illnesses and ailments. He still has dozens of years ahead of him before he turns 122, the current average life expectancy of humans living on Earth.

IoT Security Concepts White Paper

IoT Security Concepts

By GlobalLogic Cloud Practice

Let us first start by defining security in an Internet

Platforms: A Business Model for Strategic Growth Blog

Platforms: A Business Model for Strategic Growth

By Anna Kvitka

Learn how platforms connect suppliers and consumers and why it is more important than ever for all businesses, regardless of their industry, to invest in platforms from a strategic growth perspective.

How Smart Cars Will Change Cityscapes Blog

How Smart Cars Will Change Cityscapes

By Vitaliy Voloshchuk

Which technologies do we need to improve the quality of life for people in the city and make governance more effective? What role does a car play in the city of the future, and how can it make traffic safer? GlobalLogic’s engineers are already working on solving these issues.

What’s an “A” Player? Blog

What's an "A" Player?

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Steve Jobs used to say, "A players attract A players. B players attract C players.” Our own CTO, Dr. Jim Walsh, says "Companies are better off hiring A players who can learn, than B or C players who already know." But what exactly makes an “A” player — and how can you spot one?

A Great Idea Isn’t Enough Blog

A Great Idea Isn't Enough

By Dr. Jim Walsh

A key benefit to working with a company like GlobalLogic from a CTO / VP Engineering perspective is that it can essentially eliminate the risk of staffing and delivery.

Mobile World Congress 2017 Recap: The Year of 5G and IoT Blog

Mobile World Congress 2017 Recap: The Year of 5G and IoT

By Volodymyr Krolivets

This year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) took place in Barcelona, Spain

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