Jira Software 8.13.x release notes

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Get the Jira Server app on managed devices

You can now distribute the Jira Server mobile app to your team using your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This is great if you need to restrict the app to company-approved devices, or a particular set of users.

Mdm app multiplelogin rns

If your MDM solution supports the AppConfig standard, you can also save your users time and prevent mistakes by pre-populating your site URL in the app. Got a lot of sites? No problem, you can pre-populate multiple site URLs. Logging in has never been easier.

Hungry for new features?
A lot has changed since Atlassian released Jira 8.5.x, which also was a Long Term Support release. They introduced issue archiving, improved performance and accessibility, and did other spectacular things to make Jira better for you. See all the changes and fixes that happened between JIRA 7.13 and 8.13 in Atlassian’s change log.

API change log
To help you get a full picture of what has changed since the last Long Term Support releases, we’ve prepared the REST API change log.

Long Term Support releases, performance-wise
For every Jira release, Atlassian runs extensive performance tests to compare the latest version to the previous one. This is to see how the new features affect Jira, and to make sure that any performance regressions are not introduced.

They’re also comparing performance between Jira Long Term Support releases. These are usually a few versions apart, so the improvements are much more visible than between smaller, feature releases.

You can see the results of our Jira 8.5 LTS Jira 8.13 LTS performance comparison in Performance and scale testing.

Always a good time to clean up Jira
If you feel your Jira is slowing down and users can no longer find what they want, we’ve got something for you. Check out our Jira cleanup guide for tips and tricks how to start a cleanup project and enhance team productivity.


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