Content Delivery Network for OTT

Abhishek Gedam

With the world on our fingertips, we are just a click away from exploring various horizons, thanks to the internet! In the attempt to retain maximum users on a particular page, the website speed is all that counts. And this is where Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes into consideration. With its availability spanning across geographical boundaries, CDN comes handy in providing a fast loading speed to deliver web content to the users.

Not only does the server protect the master server from the local servers, but also handles the incoming traffic on a site by speeding up the website loading time. CDN provides a rich OTT experience to the end-users by placing remote services in various parts of the world, providing fast-paced content delivery. CDN forms the backbone of OTT platforms in defining the latency of the video streaming services.

This publication is an answer to a question in the form of how, why, and what in the context of CDN. Though Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a generic term for any content on the internet, this publication is focused on OTT video/audio streaming version.