Let’s talk about being a QA

Tamara Torres – junio 12, 2018



Majority of people believes that being a QA is simply a monkey who plays around with the product (which could be a mobile app, a desktop app and so on) , who is the noisy person on the team, the one that is always asking, always questioning, and also do not forget … always finding what is working wrong.

The truth is…. yes, we are the ones that probably detect things that are incorrect, but we also are the agents of quality. And you maybe ask then.. What is quality? Why would you call this people “agents”?

Quality is a well know concept, as per definition says:

“the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.”


When we talk about software quality usually also means (or that is the belief ) that the product of software is bullet proof,meaning that not matter what could happen it will work just fine. In reality, we know that is not possible and that is why we work on degrees of quality and acceptance criteria.

So quality by definition means excellence, and the QA are here to work on that, to pullish the product as much is necessary to get the better shine, we are here to do the questions that nobody wants to ask, to questioning so we can be heard, so new ideas and unknown flows can be discovered.

And why I said previously “agents” of quality? While it is true that we help to assure a degree of quality for a product ( pay attention here I said “we help”, because all people involved in the software product is somehow responsible for the quality of it) we are also responsibles for the quality of the process in which that product is being created, and that is why I like to call us “agents”. We make ourselves accountable for each functionality we work on, meaning that we are not only responsables but also of that functionality.

We look for the good and sanity of the process as a whole, from the beginning till the end of it. From the moment a Client starts to give us the details of a future project till the moment we perform a demonstration and show them the result. Sometimes we go beyond that and give support for the maintenance of the product once is launched or even are there to applied new changes and assured the functionality continues to work as expected.

As agents of quality we care about the quality of the product, the standards which are followed, the methodologies used, and one particular thing we always have in mind is improvement. Constantly we are looking for better ways to do our job, better ways to reach the goal, to satisfy the client, to improve the process, a better way to be the best agents.

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