Experience Design

Using design-thinking, we help you build the best user experience and work backward to the technology

User Experience

GlobalLogic’s Strategic Design studio, Method, takes a holistic approach to experience design. From considering a business’ brand and relationship with its customers to defining coherent & intuitive services, we help create engaging user experiences that are as strong as the technology behind them.

Check out Method.com for detailed examples of our amazing design work.


Human Centered Design

In an increasingly digital world, consumers not only engage with products and services, but also contribute to their continuous development. We approach UX design from a consumer-first perspective, putting users at the heart of the products we create.


Brand and Futurecasting


Market Research & Ethnography


Customer Journey Mapping


User Experience / User Interface


Design Implementation



Case Study - Stellar


Experience Design considers the diverse needs of all users and takes a holistic approach to creating an optimal experience. We consider a business’ brand and relationship with its customers by defining coherent and intuitive services, for example, then create engaging experiences powered by technology.

UI design is the process of building user interfaces in software and computerized devices. Designers who prioritize UI design create interfaces that focus on style, are easy-to-use, and result in pleasurable experiences.

Prioritizing UI/UX design enables you to create a human-centered approach based on the consumer-first perspective. It puts users at the heart of product design and development, which improves customer satisfaction, conversions, brand reputation, and more.

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