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Developing world-class OTT, broadcaster & ad tech solutions

What We Offer

GlobalLogic helps media and entertainment companies across the globe leverage sophisticated technology to deliver more engaging, data-driven viewing experiences. For OTT players, this means personalizing and monetizing content, and scaling for a global audience. For broadcasters and studios, this means transitioning to the cloud, building new tools, and automating processes and workflows. And for ad tech providers, it means adopting modern ad channels, formats, and even business models.



Global scale & expansion


Migration to the cloud


DevOps & test automation


Solution security & digital rights management (DRM)



10+ million of daily streaming hours enabled by our solutions


Certified OTT application development partner for Roku


Certified partnerships with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Digital Accelerators

OTT Channel Development Accelerator

A customizable framework that enables OTT content creators and providers to create a fully functional, highly branded, monetized OTT channel or application in as little as 10 weeks

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OTT TestLab

A unified infrastructure & scheduling tool that allows testers to remotely schedule automated tests for their OTT channels and applications on a repository of 3,000+ devices

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Cloudwave Assessment Tool

A survey-based process and intelligent categorization engine that helps businesses rapidly assess & prioritize their application portfolios for cloud migration

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Where We Can Help You

GlobalLogic is a scalable and diversified engineering partner that can quickly assemble a team to develop high-quality Media & Entertainment software — from the front-end UX to the back-end processes. Whether you require a cross-platform OTT application, a digital studio solution, or a video ad platform, we can help you design and build the next-gen products, platforms, and digital experiences that will captivate audiences and generate revenue.

OTT Players

  • OTT multi-platform engineering
  • OTT multi-application development
  • Content discovery & recommendations
  • Content monetization
  • Back-end services
  • Billing & operations
  • Subscriber management

Broadcasters & Digital Studios

  • Cloud migration & cloud-native development
  • Distributed content creation
  • Workflow automation & process optimization
  • Post-production & video delivery tools
  • Localization & closed captioning
  • Media asset management (MAM)
  • Search & unified metadata solutions

Ad Tech Providers

  • End-to-end programmatic ad solutions
  • Targeted & contextual ads
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Video ad platforms
  • Real-time bidding systems
  • Ad exchange & server solutions

Why GlobalLogic

With design and engineering expertise across the entire media lifecycle, GlobalLogic provides a single partnership for end-to-end solution development, from OTT applications and targeted ad delivery to next-gen digital broadcasting studios. We can help you get products to market faster, capture new revenue streams, and deliver value to consumers through seamless viewing experiences and intelligent data usage.



Technology’s role in media is to solve problems through expertise and program and platform integration. Technology in media involves media software development for OTT players, broadcasters, studios, and ad tech providers, and more.

Examples of media development software include real-time bidding systems, post-production and video delivery tools, and back-end services. It is a broad term that covers numerous software programs for different media roles.

There are several challenges for global media industries. One of the main issues is handling the continued integration and development of intuitive technology.

Meet Our Experts

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