GlobalLogic Data Rights Management

Respond to even the most complex of Subject Access Requests in 85% of the time


No industry and sector have escaped the unprecedented rise in Subject Access Requests (SAR). This is largely due to unstable market conditions, a distrust in data use and data subjects becoming increasingly aware of their data rights (Article 15-22).

Whilst some companies have data management solutions in place, capable of scanning large volumes of Personal Identifying Information (PII) from structured and unstructured sources, many don鈥檛 and risk missing the 30-day deadline. Before you risk a fine or lose any more time running reports, discover how the GlobalLogic Data Rights Management solution can give your business the scalability, transformation, and modernisation it needs to handle every SAR coming your way.

Business Needs

A technology solution to deliver the collecting, processing, reviewing, redacting and delivery of data relating to a data subject.

A configurable solution that adheres to current global data privacy legislation with the flexibility to adapt to emerging regulatory requirements.

Mitigate current operational risks (slow manual processing, often cumbersome to source and compile whilst prone to error at every stage of the process) by utilisation of a modern global data privacy solution.

A proactive service model designed to minimise operational effort and free up scarce resources.

A truly automated, end-to-end, self-service process capable of processing data subject access requests.

Value Proposition

It鈥檚 simple, intuitive, and cost-efficient

  1. PII for all existing and new customers as well as employees is managed, controlled, and audited across a single platform.
  2. Information is presented in a user-friendly way that鈥檚 easy to navigate, access and manage – driving cost-efficiency.
  3. Global platform that supports over 100 languages and major regulatory jurisdictions.

It鈥檚 scalable, flexible, and configurable

  1. The platform provides flexible workflow configuration that supports existing as well as new workflows and can be adapted to specific needs, including meeting any global data rights management policies.
  2. Key requirements such as A30 records and risk management, risk screening, ticketing, knowledge store, DPIA, rights management and data mapping are supported.

It鈥檚 automated, auditable, and secure

  1. The platform enables the automated editing, censoring, and obscuring of any personal or PII-based information that is not required to be kept as part of ongoing regulatory and business-related records.
  2. Audit trails provide evidence for all access, amendment, and deletion of data.
  3. Secured by adherence to BSI 180008 and ISO 27001 standards.

Self-service enabled

  1. Data subjects can be provided with direct access to the platform empowering them to control their own information.
  2. This improved experience will lead to higher customer trust and satisfaction along with improved operational efficiency.

Platform Module Features

Data mapping

Risk screening

Data protection self-assessment

Rights request management

ROPA / A30 records

Data protection impact assessment

Risk management

Knowledge stores


If Data Rights Management feels awkward and time-consuming, you鈥檝e got an ally in us. After encountering one too many pain points when it came to the management of Data Rights, GlobalLogic developed the solution we wish was on the market. Using our digital engineering experience to build a sophisticated end-to-end solution, we cut through the complexity and reduced our own Data Rights response times by 85%. We now want to share the solution with you.

Our solution is not just a workflow tool or a redaction tool, it鈥檚 a streamlined, automated, multi-lingual platform. It provides a global secure, scalable, and self-service solution that is fully auditable, and future proofs Data Controllers鈥 needs and requirements.

By investing in a single platform to deliver a sustainable, proactive customer and Data Privacy Office experience, you remove the need for multiple data rights management suppliers and technologies. Not only will this save you time, money, and a calendar reminder to renew several annual licenses, you鈥檒l gain a partner who鈥檚 walked the walk, understands your pain points and designed a solution that solves them.

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