GlobalLogic Mobile App Accelerator

A reusable accelerator for mobile application development based on the most common architectures and best practices.


Mobile App Accelerator help kick-start new mobile projects with most common architectural best practices and proven guidelines for important core modules such as Networking, Onboarding, Login, custom error handling, Glide, Retrofit, and more, out-of-the-box.

Supported Platforms

Ionic Capacitor


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Kotlin, Redux, ReactJS, ReactNative, Swift, Flutter, Dart, Ionic, Capacitor

Business Need

Accelerate go-to-market for business on the mobile channel.

Build and manage scaleable, modular mobile applications.

Multi-platform support for mobile applications.

Support for common NFRs such as Networking, Caching, and local Database in mobile application.

Value Proposition

Save up to 25 person-months for mobile application development.

Adhere to architectural best practices in mobile application development out of the box.

Reduce development time without compromising code quality.

Multiple frameworks to choose the best fit.


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