GlobalLogic Microservices Accelerator

Provides a development sandbox of optional modules implementing most common non-functional requirements & cross-cutting concerns for typical microservices based solutions


Microservices Accelerator by GlobalLogic provides a comprehensive microservice chassis that includes a project configurator and a set of optional modules that implement the most common non-functional requirements for typical microservices-based solutions.

Supported Platforms

Icon aws Icon azure Icon gcp


Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Spring Framework, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Functions, AWS Lambdas, Redis, Couchbase, MongoDB

Business Needs

Reduce time and effort required to implement fundamental, non-functional requirements (NFRs) for all microservices in a project

Create deployment-agnostic microservices, thus reducing the effort required to switch from one approach to another (e.g., containers or Function-as-a-Service)

Simplify multi-language projects that use common / compatible implementations of NFRs, common approaches, and techniques; provides a similar developer experience for all teams

Reduce time to integrate with Azure / AWS / GCP-provided solutions for logging, distributed tracing, messaging, and serverless

Reduce time to prototype a microservices-based project by using samples and reference implementation of common scenarios out-of-the-box

Value Proposition

Saves up to 75 person-months of project efforts depending on the level of customization

Improves cross team consistency / mobility

Keeps team focused on functional requirements

Follow proven best practices and ensure quality standards


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