Modernize, Automate, and Innovate at Scale

To modernize products, automate manual processes, and innovate cloud solutions—all at velocity on a global scale—technology ISVs need strategic partnerships with digital product engineering providers.

Partnering to Innovate, Accelerate, and Grow

Digitization, the proliferation of cloud, and the rise of AI are driving change throughout the technology ISV market. The general digitization imperative sweeping the enterprise is creating considerable pressure to retire the technical debt ISVs incur by continued use of legacy applications. Cloud proliferation is increasing the need for cloud-native development and the rise of Solutions As a Service, or SaaSification. And AI is becoming a key differentiator not only in automation but also in big data and analytics as enterprises shift from piloting to operationalizing AI.

If rapid technology change is straining your enterprise’s resources, GlobalLogic can help. GlobalLogic enables some of the world’s largest ISVs to scale their engineering rapidly and strengthen their support teams. In addition to proprietary accelerators and advanced testing automation solutions, GlobalLogic operates design studios and engineering centers around the world to help you build and innovate with faster time to market.

Partnering to Drive ISV Growth

Independent software vendors (ISVs) are racing to accelerate not only their digital transformation but also the modernization of their legacy applications. At the same time, they are looking to deliver an entirely new class of cloud-native capabilities that leverage AI, hyperautomation, and digital reality.

Your business, however, does not have to achieve these goals with exclusively internal resources. With more than 20 years of experience in software product development and engineering services and 3,000+ engineers, GlobalLogic stands ready to help you achieve your business goals. We invite you to learn the “Six Questions” that can help you find the best software engineering partner for your organization.

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