Матеріали з GlobalLogic Kharkiv JS TechTalk

GlobalLogic Kharkiv JS TechTalk collected a record number of registrations in Kharkiv on December 18! More than 500 people wanted to join the event, of which 100 JavaScript practitioners were able to participate directly in TechTalk, while others had the opportunity to watch the live broadcast and ask questions to the speakers online.

The main topics of the meeting were the use of Vue.js , the use of Docker containers and the Angular framework . As a result of the event, each participant received a set of tools for effective work, practical examples and advice from speakers experts GlobalLogic.

Separately, I would like to note the interest of the participants in the topics of the reports: this was evidenced by the lively discussions during the reports and coffee breaks, and comments to the live broadcast of the event . A photo review of the event is available at this link .


The event began with a welcome speech by Viktor Matusov (Director, Engineering, GlobalLogic). Victor made a presentation of the company and projects in which JavaScript is used as the main technology.


Denis Bratchuk (Senior Manager, Consultant, GlobalLogic) was the moderator of the technical flow. He is the manager of several large projects in Kharkiv, in which modern concepts and interfaces are implemented thanks to JS.


Igor Nesterenko (Lead Software Engineer, Consultant, GlobalLogic) was the first to present the report “Vue.js Use Cases” . Igor presented the scripts for using Vue.js, reviewed and compared this framework with React and Angular. Based on the specifics of Vue.js and his own experience, he gave participants recommendations on in which cases Vue.js can give an advantage in performance.

Valery Radchenko ( Senior Software Engineer, Consultant, GlobalLogic) spoke on the topic “Docker in a JS Developer’s Life” . He presented the principles and best practices for the successful launch, design and use of Docker containers. His report also covered practical examples of setting up your own containers and important instructions for the Docker-file and Docker CLI commands.

The event ended with Rostislav Sirik (Senior Software Engineer, Consultant, GlobalLogic) with a report “Angular 2-in-1” . During the presentation, Rostislav showed the strengths and weaknesses of technology, combining it with theory and his own practical life hacks.


We are already looking forward to new meetings with you and invite you join the GlobalLogic team in Kharkiv!

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