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GlobalLogic is taking data privacy seriously and is committed to complying with all the applicable regulations. This section of our website explains how we secure privacy of people whose personal data is being processed by us.

Under the following links you can find more details:
1. Політика конфіденційності – refers to processing of personal data of users of this website, our prospective or actual clients, suppliers, contractors, other persons interested in our activities (e.g. media) or persons acting on behalf of one of the persons/entities mentioned above (e.g. as employee or associate);
2. EU Recruitment Privacy Notice – notice for candidates for positions in our EU locations;
3. CCPA Recruitment Privacy Notice – notice for candidates who are California Residents.
4. Повідомлення про cookies – this document refers to the visitors of our website and recipients of our marketing e-mails;
5. Загальний регламент захисту даних (GDPR) – information on our GDPR compliance efforts.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at