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Python is a veteran among technologies. The first version was released as early as 1990!
Nowadays, Python Developer remains quite a popular IT specialization.

There are several reasons for that:

  • A multipurpose language that allows you to write easily readable code.
  • Conciseness. Programs are much shorter than analogs written in any other language.
  • Multiplatformity. Software runs on various operating systems without any special adjustments.
  • A standard library shipped with Python contains useful ready-made tools.

Where can full-stack Python developers find their fields of interest? Anywhere! These can be operating system projects, “web” (Python Front End), databases, even creating a graphical interface and games (Unity Python)! Not to mention that it can be used for developing AQA self-tests.

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GlobalLogic offers a large pool of open positions, from Python Trainee to Full-Stack Python Developer.

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