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By Dr. Jim Walsh

Digital Transformation

What differentiates a software product company from other businesses is not whether they make software or not; rather it’s the realization by product companies that the software IS the business.

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By Abdul Mateen


Android app developers can significantly accelerate their time-to-market through testing frameworks that automate crucial but repetitive tasks.

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By Shilpi Das

Augmented Virtual Reality

Tango is an augmented reality computing platform developed by Google. It uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets

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By Alejandro Prieto

Experience DesignHealthcare

As technology becomes more and more integrated with our daily lives — from connecting with friends on Facebook to communicating with health care providers through IoTM devices — well-designed systems will be crucial to getting the information and services we all need.

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By Vitaliy Voloshchuk

AI and MLIoT

Which technologies do we need to improve the quality of life for people in the city and make governance more effective? What role does a car play in the city of the future, and how can it make traffic safer? GlobalLogic’s engineers are already working on solving these issues.

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By Dr. Jim Walsh


Steve Jobs used to say, "A players attract A players. B players attract C players.” Our own CTO, Dr. Jim Walsh, says "Companies are better off hiring A players who can learn, than B or C players who already know." But what exactly makes an “A” player — and how can you spot one?

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By Dr. Jim Walsh


A key benefit to working with a company like GlobalLogic from a CTO / VP Engineering perspective is that it can essentially eliminate the risk of staffing and delivery.

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By Yumiko Tanaka


Technology in healthcare is rapidly progressing. Not only are these technologies cheaper and faster, they also generate large swathes of data that can be used to improve diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes. As part of a project run in collaboration with EVRY Strategic Design Lab, Method (GlobalLogic's design arm) is looking into emerging trends in healthcare, particularly at the intersection of health, technology, and people.

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By Yuriy Mykhaylyuk


Digitalization of papers, evolvement of streaming media, explosion of mass content creation, on-demand access to various content: we are now entering a new era of how television content is created, delivered, and even defined.

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