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GlobalLogic Helps Save Lives

Dr. Jim Walsh
November 15, 2016

In GlobalLogic marketing literature we claim that GlobalLogic helps save lives. The good news is that there is truth in our advertising.

Thinking Digital: A New Way of Thinking About Digital Transformation

Dr. Jim Walsh
November 1, 2016

Digital transformation: everybody’s talking about it, but few agree on what it means. Is it traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and industries learning how to do business on the web?

Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 2)

Ajit Singh
October 12, 2016

Debug logs reveal a lot of information about your app, such as its interaction with servers.

Best Practices for Writing Secure Code for Mobile Apps (Part 1)

Ajit Singh
October 7, 2016

Security continues to make apps running on mobile devices vulnerable; note especially the increase of mobile web browser-based hacking.

Essential Aspects to Consider While Designing Mobile Apps

Ajit Singh
October 3, 2016

Like all unique software environments, mobile applications also have a unique set of environmental constraints.

Realm: A Mobile First Database

Sanjay Gadge
September 20, 2016

When a GlobalLogic development team began looking for a SQLite alternative, they discovered Realm, a mobile database that is fast and easy to use. In this blog, the…