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To build trust, deepen brand loyalty, and drive profitable growth, OTT players need a new partner to create superior digital customer experiences.

Creating Seamless OTT Experiences for Global Audiences

In the highly competitive and rapidly growing OTT market, you must rapidly equip yourself to innovate and launch new products and services. Accelerating innovation and offering personalized and differentiated user experience while evolving monetization models are critical for success. However, this requires deep expertise in various digital technologies and skillets across the OTT stack. That, in turn, requires finding the right software engineering partner.

GlobalLogic is a one-stop shop for building, maintaining, and monetizing the OTT stack across the entire lifecycle. In addition to our industry and technology expertise, we provide IP accelerators, customizable frameworks, and TestLabs. In this way, we enable OTT content creators and providers to build and launch a fully functional, highly personalized, optimally monetized OTT channel or application in as little as 10 weeks. Learn how GlobalLogic can help.

Partnering to Drive Growth in OTT

The OTT video market is expected to top $476 billion by 2027*, with evolving digital technologies and savvy consumers fueling that growth. However, building and launching an OTT platform requires highly specialized expertise. Still, as with many areas of technology, professionals with the requisite skills are in short supply, a shortage that can hinder growth.

Your business, however, need not rely entirely on internal technology specialists. It would be best if you had a partner who pioneers in building solutions for global brands at every stage of the OTT solutions lifecycle. A partner with a global footprint and skilled professionals versed in OTT technologies can help you achieve your business goals. We invite you to learn the six questions that can help you find the best software engineering partner for your organization.

*OTT Video – Worldwide | Statista Market Forecast, Statista, 2022.

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With more than 20 years of experience in software product development and engineering services, GlobalLogic helps some of the world’s leading media-streaming and VOD companies create world-class media experiences, accelerate new product development, and capture new revenue streams. More than 2,000 media-specialized engineers from GlobalLogic have helped with 200+ OTT applications built from scratch, and 2,500 + applications certified for 45+ media clients, including 200+ projects of improving and adding new functionality to media products.

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