GlobalLogic Cafe: Digital Leadership — Creating a (Software) Product Driven Organization 

The notion of transforming one’s products and services using digital technology is no longer an exercise in abstract thinking. There are so many examples of successful transformation in most industries, and there are now vast bodies of knowledge, from consultants and advisors to playbooks and guides that openly share best practices. So, with all of this know-how and available case studies, why do organizations have such difficulty in finding their path to successful transformational outcomes?

In this edition of the GlobalLogic Cafe our guests Luigi Guadagno, Software Executive at WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance) and Dr. Sunil Singh, CTO, GlobalLogic will share their real-world insights around the concept of the (software) Product-Driven Organization, an approach to delivering value through software, that challenges the current structure and legacy approaches to IT and product development. The product-driven organization will look at Tech, Development lifecycle, Culture and KPI’s in a different way, which promotes more successful transformations.


Luigi Guadagno, Software Technology Executive, WBA
Luigi Guadagno began his 30+ year career as a software engineer at Motorola. He went on to found six technology start-ups and is currently leading the development of WBA’s RX Renewal platform. Luigi is also a former adjunct professor from DePaul University, where he spent 10 years teaching software engineering, QA, architecture, and project management. An engineer at heart, Luigi holds 1 patent and 75+ disclosures and applications.

Sunil Singh, CTO, GlobalLogic
Dr. Sunil K. Singh is a technologist with a distinguished career and hands-on experience in conceptualizing, designing, building, and launching innovative technology products and services.  Prior to joining GlobalLogic, Sunil was the  Managing Partner at Citadel Ventures, a venture investment arm and technology firm that incubated hi-tech startups in areas of big data analytics, AI, supply chain, and food delivery.

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