GL-Cafe_LightLogo_Logo_Dark-1 GlobalLogic Cafe: How Personalized Ads Work in a Cookie-Less (CTV) Environment

Ever wondered how Google manages to know so much about users likes and dislikes so accurately and how they are able to recommend solutions? The answer is by having access to relevant and accurate user data. In the AD technology space, data plays a critical role in defining the success of a business.

With Google planning to phase out the use of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, advertisers are increasingly seeking granular audience data from other sources (such as digital content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or OTT devices) to preserve the accuracy of their ad targeting.

Increasingly, publishers or product owners are trying to grow their addressable audiences through authentication and registration strategies. They are working to create their own personalized ad targeting capabilities for their user base across platforms rather than relying on third party systems. In Advertising outside the walled gardens, these third party sources collect user information via cookie syncing and other methods to serve targeted advertisements.

Our GlobalLogic team will take you through a solution which leverages a customer data platform (CDP) to unify customer data and personalize ad targeting, all while complying with privacy policies such as GDPR and CCPA.

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