Delivering Better Patient Care through Digital Technology

Intelligent healthcare systems, diagnostic applications, and digital platforms

The Vital Role of Digital Tools in Patient Engagement

Modern digital tools like diagnostic applications, intelligent healthcare systems, and smart devices enabled by IoMT help clinicians and patients practively track and prevent chronic diseases more precisely and at lower costs.

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Medical Technology, IVDs, and Life Science companies looking to leverage these tools will need a combination of expertise in areas such as sensors, wearables, connectivity, UX/UI design, and the use of AI and ML.

As a leader in regulated software product engineering, GlobalLogic helps leading brands build patient therapy devices, connected health systems, and digital healthcare platforms.

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Enhancing the digital patient experience through intelligent healthcare systems

Digitization in healthcare is expanding the use of wearables. The ease of their use makes it easy for patients to engage care providers remotely.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will play a massive role in how companies implement these wearables and other medical devices. Companies can obtain device diagnostics, initiate software updates, and monitor performance levels remotely.

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The world’s leading MedTech, Medical Device, CROs, and IVD/Diagnostics companies continuously seek new ways to improve the quality and increase the value of the care they bring to their patients. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies to cut costs, increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care today in various areas. GlobalLogic has helped customers develop solutions ranging from medical devices and Software as Medical Devices to patient therapy devices, connected health systems, and digital healthcare platforms.

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