SDV Cloud Framework

Transform your automotive software engineering with GlobalLogic’s expertise baked in a cloud-based development ecosystem, achieving up to 60% faster product lifecycle and 30% cost savings for software-defined vehicles (SDV)

Take control of your automotive software development lifecycle and realize the full potential of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) with GlobalLogic. Our decade-long mobility expertise, combined with validated Azure and AWS solutions, streamlines operations and helps clients get to market faster. From reference architecture to Control Center accelerators, we empower innovation, facilitate seamless transitions, and mitigate organizational challenges by providing solutions that address the adoption hurdles faced by our customers in the SDV landscape.

Say goodbye to delays and inferior product quality, and hello to up to 60% faster software development lifecycles while saving 30% on development costs.

Unlock Efficiency, Speed, and 30% Lower Software Engineering Costs with GlobalLogic's SDV Cloud Framework

Discover the future of automotive software development with GlobalLogic’s Software Defined Vehicle Cloud Framework.

Our advanced framework, powered by AWS infrastructure services, transforms the way organizations take next-generation vehicle features to market.

Through the utilization of cloud and IoT technologies, our SDV cloud framework enables hardware-independent persona-based software development, helps transition to true scaled agile product development in an automotive environment, eases collaboration between multi-site development teams, and facilitates data feedback from the field to development teams.

Why Automotive Leaders Choose GlobalLogic for SDV Solutions




Faster software development lifecycle among GlobalLogic clients

Digital Product Knowhow: built by delivering 1800+ digital product releases per year 

Automotive Expertise: Leverage our 10+ years of automotive expertise delivering safety critical automotive software to 20M+ vehicles globally to educate teams, and facilitate a smooth transition to SDV infrastructure, customized to meet your needs.

Flexibility and Integration: Seamlessly integrate our solutions with other customer specific toolsets & platforms, including SDV Eclipse Automotive solutions, for enhanced functionality.

Cloud-Agnostic Approach: Embrace multi-cloud infrastructures with our cloud-agnostic solution, ensuring compatibility and scalability.

ASPICE Compliance: We lead the industry in regulatory adherence with Level 3 certification.

Cloud-Powered Scalability: Redefining SDV Development

Cloud-Powered Scalability: Redefining SDV Development

Discover how GlobalLogic revolutionized Hitachi Astemo’s software development for vehicles, simplifying processes, enhancing scalability, enabling early issue detection, reducing costs, and fostering agile development with innovative solutions.

Experience efficiency, collaboration, and innovation like never before.

Cloud-Powered SDVs for the Future of Mobility

Explore the cutting-edge landscape of automotive innovation with GlobalLogic’s white paper on the SDV Cloud Framework.

Discover a modern approach to vehicle software development fueled by cloud technology, offering insights into next-gen development paradigms, software-defined components, over-the-air updates, central unit applications, software reuse, and transformative integration and infrastructure services.

Practical Application of the SDV Cloud Framework

Discover how GlobalLogic’s SDV Cloud Framework and Eclipse Leda integration can transform your automotive development processes.

Explore the benefits of our scalable SDV Cloud Framework, leverage virtualization for enhanced collaboration and reduced costs with the Virtual Workbench, and streamline project management and infrastructure control with the Control Center. Gain a competitive edge with Eclipse Leda Integration, accelerating development and testing in a pre-configured environment designed for success.

Why Mobility Organizations Partner with GlobalLogic




Industry-Dedicated Digital Engineers




Vehicles in the Field with GlobalLogic-developed Software




Active Clients in the Mobility Sector




Years of Digital Engineering Experience



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