Private Equity

We help Private Equity partners realize rapid value creation across their portfolios through the right mix of digital design, engineering, and technology craftsmanship.

What We Offer

With over ten years of working with 20+ Private Equity and 100+ Portfolio companies, we have a proven track record of maximizing value, lowering operating costs, and working across all stages of portfolio company growth to boost innovation and facilitate seamless entry and exit.

As partners, we work together to determine the critical challenges for your portfolio companies. Then we develop programs and Labs that address opportunities and achieve high-speed impact. We offer digital engineering services that are deployed as a playbook, at scale and speed, to accelerate growth and EBITDA creation.

Due Diligence Assessments & Advisories

PE Portfolio Planning

Industry Business Review

PortCo Business Reviews & Technology Assessments

Value Creation Strategy & Roadmap

Platform Architecture

Customer Engagement & Experience Maps

Product Innovation Designs

Purpose Built Teams & Operations

Deploy Digital Playbook (Concepts & Blueprints)

Platform Engineering

Optimize Product Teams

Optimize DevOps for Rapid Releases

Portfolio Wide Dashboard & Engagement

Single Pane of Governance Across PE Portfolio

Best Practice Sharing

Standard KPIs

Private Labeled Labs

Umbrella Framework Agreement (GL & PE)


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Our Digital Playbook for PE-Backed Companies

We help our clients develop digital capabilities to generate new business value that is focused on customer acquisition, customer retention, increased lifetime value, reduced cost to service, and back office and operational efficiency.

Digital Customer Acquisition & Sales

Web optimization, content strategy, and new customer onboarding

eCommerce & Channel Strategy

Omnichannel, Platform Strategy, Partnerships, Digital Commerce

Product Innovation & Commercialization

New Product Validation, Market Testing, Product Launch & Growth

Customer Loyalty & Personalization

Data Driven Personalization, Loyalty & Rewards Program, Engagement Strategy

Customer Portals & Mobile Applications

Portal Design, Customer Experience, Communication Strategy, Mobile Applications

Employee Experience & Back Office Automation

Employee Tooling, Process Improvement, Automation, Field Workforce Tools

What We Do

Businesses strategically need design-led thinking and engineering to bring them to market faster, more profitably. A strategic partnership with GlobalLogic gives your portfolio companies access to a global team of designers and technologists rooted in Silicon Valley. We are subject matter experts with deep domain knowledge that work with your team to extend talent, increase organizational efficiency, and make innovation happen more quickly, more digitally.

Rapid Cost Takeout

Operational Transformation


Product Organization Structure

DevOps/ CICD Pipelines

Automate, Industrialize, Accelerate

Product Transformation


Reference Architecture: APIs/Microservices


Data / AI

Rapid Releases

Transform the Business

Business Transformation

Partners Ecosystem

Data Monetization

Customer Experience


Increase Efficiency

Accelerate Growth

Focus on EBITDA and Topline, while helping boost innovation

Optimized to facilitate seamless entry, value creation & exit

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