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Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) systems have experienced tremendous growth over the past years. Patients want to be involved in their healthcare with a focus on individual needs and preferences.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies power next-generation algorithms used in SaMD to predict health issues and decide on mitigation or treatment plans.

The key challenge is finding software product engineering talent with the expertise to design, develop and test regulated products in the SaMD space. Hence, medical device companies must find partners to elevate the digital patient experience.

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Overcome the Challenges of Medical Device Software Development

As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, medical device software development faces new and complex challenges, such as adhering to changing global regulatory requirements by teams with limited technical expertise in new mobile or cloud-based systems.

The digitization of medical devices presents opportunities and obstacles for medical device software companies looking to improve patient outcomes and stay ahead of the competition. To learn how to navigate these challenges and get products to the market faster, read this whitepaper.

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The world’s leading Medical Technology, Medical Device, CROs, and IVD/Diagnostics companies continuously seek new ways to improve the quality and increase the value of the care they bring to their patients. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies to cut costs, increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care today in various areas. GlobalLogic has helped customers develop solutions ranging from medical devices and Software as Medical Devices to patient therapy devices, connected health systems, and digital healthcare platforms.

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