Матеріали GlobalLogic Mykolaiv QA Workshop: Black Box Test Design Techniques

On July 7 in Nikolaev we held a workshop for testers on the topic “Black Box Test Design Techniques”.

Tetyana Trushchenko ( Test Engineer, Consultant, GlobalLogic) spoke about Black box test script creation techniques and focused on techniques such as Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, Decision Table and State Transition. Afterwards, participants practiced creating test cases using these “Black box” techniques. We are glad to share with you a masterclass presentation.

Black Box Test Design Techniques from GlobalLogic Ukraine

Thank you Tatiana and everyone who attended our meeting!

We invite you to the next event in Mykolaiv on July 26: GlobalLogic Mykolaiv Java TechTalk # 1: Spring Cloud. A Real Case of Spring Global Lock Usage!

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