Regulations of EcoHike

Regulations of EcoHike (“Regulations”)

EcoHike application (“EcoHike”, “Service”), intended to be installed on your mobile device, is a software (a mobile application) provided to you by GlobalLogic Inc., 1741 Technology Drive, Suite 400 San Jose CA 95110, United States of America (“GL”).

GL designed and developed this application to contribute to the wellbeing of community and to help make our environment cleaner and safer.

EcoHike is intended exclusively for the Ukrainian market and to be used on the territory of Ukraine.

General information

EcoHike is a collaborative platform for those who enjoy hiking and backpacking and care about clean environment. EcoHike application allows you to spot the locations, spoiled by various types of waste (both natural and artificial, like plastic or glass) on a map, also through the geolocation, without the need to launch a web browser, on the most popular tourist routes in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (other regions may be added into the scope of the application – it is due to the current functionality of EcoHike).

You can add geographical coordinates, descriptions and photos of polluted places. Marked spots are visible to all users of EcoHike who can consider problematic places alongside their track while hiking or backpacking and join their efforts to clean up these locations.

All changes on a map (both adding new spots and removal of resolved issues) are verified by EcoHike superusers and administrators (may not have direct connection to GL). Future versions of the application will allow you to search polluted spots on a map and plan your hiking and backpacking routes accordingly (the ability to use certain services is due to the current functionality of EcoHike).

To use EcoHike you need a mobile device with the camera and geolocation service (GPS), operating Android 5.0 system or higher or iOS version 11 or higher. GL allows you to download EcoHike for your mobile device free of charge from the Apple App Store (iOS operating system) and Google Play (Android operating system).

In order to conclude an agreement for using EcoHike, you shall be a natural person with full legal capacity, read these Regulations together with information about personal data, and other information about EcoHike (e.g. regarding access to particular functionalities / data on the mobile device) made available in the mobile web stores, accept them, download EcoHike from the mobile web stores and install it on your mobile device, following the instructions displayed during the installation process or provided by the mobile web stores.

As EcoHike connects with the Internet, the use of it may involve incurring cost of the connection (data transmission fee).

In order to use some functionalities of EcoHike it could be necessary for you to give express consent to access some functionalities of your mobile device. E.g. in order to activate the functionality of EcoHike consisting in uploading photos, connecting with the Internet, recording information enabling the operation of EcoHike in off-line mode, spotting locations, GL may obtain, including with your consent, access to the following areas of your mobile device: camera, memory of the device, geolocation. You may at any time revoke your consents.

You may at any time uninstall (remove) EcoHike from your mobile device using settings of the device.

Rights and obligations

If you want to use EcoHike, you are obliged in particular to:

  • download EcoHike only from the legitimate sources;
  • provide in the registration forms, only true, up-to-date and all necessary data while creating the profile and promptly update the data;
  • use the services and functionalities made available by GL in a way that it does not interfere with the functioning of GL or EcoHike;
  • use the services and functionalities made available by GL in a manner consistent with the applicable laws, the provisions of these Regulations as well as with the customs and rules of social cohesion adopted in the given scope;
  • use the services and functionalities made available by GL in a manner that is not inconvenient to other users and to GL;
  • not provide or otherwise make available any content prohibited by applicable laws, in particular the content infringing on the copyright of third parties or their personal rights.

Use of EcoHike is associated with the typical risks of data transmission over the Internet, such as their dissemination, loss or unauthorized access. Especially use of EcoHike downloaded from sources other than those specified above bears the risk of compromising the integrity of the application and connecting with harmful software, thereby endangering the security of your mobile device and data stored therein.

Complaints related to EcoHike can be submitted for example via e-mail to: A response to the complaint by GL shall be made without undue delay.


EcoHike is intended exclusively for the Ukrainian market and to be used on the territory of Ukraine.

The exclusive rights to EcoHike and the content made available on EcoHike, in particular copyrights, trademarks, the name of EcoHike, graphic elements thereof, software and database rights shall be protected by law and appertained to GL or entities with whom GL has entered into relevant agreements.

Upon installation of EcoHike on your mobile device, GL grants to you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use EcoHike, including reproduction of EcoHike solely for its downloading to the mobile device, and installation and running of EcoHike on your mobile device.

You may install EcoHike on any number of your mobile devices, but only one copy of EcoHike is allowed to be installed on one mobile device.

You are entitled to use the application and the above mentioned content free of charge, but solely for personal use and solely for the proper use of the application, exclusively in Ukraine (territorial limitations). The use of the application and the content to any other extent is only permitted on the basis of explicit, prior approval granted by the entitled entity, in writing under pain of nullity.

You are not entitled, in particular, to translate, adapt, change the layout, or make any other changes to EcoHike, including its source code, except as permitted by applicable law. You are not entitled to use EcoHike for for-profit purposes. Accordingly, any unauthorised copying, reproduction, retransmission, distribution, dissemination, sale, publication, broadcast or other circulation or exploitation of such material or any component thereof will constitute an infringement of such copyright and other intellectual property rights.

By placing any content in EcoHike, in particular photos, graphics, comments, opinions or statements, you hereby grant GL a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, store, alter, fix, change, delete and / or complete such content, as well as to the public performance, public display, reproduction, and dissemination (especially on the Internet) of such content worldwide. This right includes sub-license in the scope justified by the performance of an agreement related to GL services (including the functioning and development of EcoHike), as well as the authorization to perform, independently or through third parties, subsidiary rights in the scope of the development, customization and translation of the content. To the extent that you are not entitled to grant the licenses referred to in the present paragraph, you undertake to obtain such licenses for GL.

Termination and changes to the Regulations

GL may at any time terminate the agreement for use of EcoHike or any other license agreement pursuant to the Regulations giving a two-week notice period for important reasons, understood as (a closed catalogue):

  • change in the laws governing the provision of electronic services by GL, or a change in interpretation of the above provisions by court judgments, decisions, recommendations or directives within the scope of offices or authority concerned;
  • change of service provision manner due solely to technical or technological considerations;
  • change of the scope or provision of services to which the provisions of the Regulations apply.

For the same reasons GL may amend the Regulations (except for the regulations concerning personal data, which may be amended at any time under generally applicable laws). If any amendments are made to the Regulations, GL shall make available the unified text of the Regulations by publishing it in EcoHike and by means of a message sent to the given e-mail address (if possible). The amendment comes into force 14 days after the date of sending the change notice. You may at any time remove EcoHike from your mobile device.

Applicable law

In matters not regulated in these Regulations, the provisions of general Ukrainian laws shall apply. As EcoHike is in a proof of concept stage, and its purpose is to demonstrate its feasibility / practical potential (it is not a completed application), you acknowledge that you use it at your own risk and that the liability of GL is excluded to the fullest possible extent. The Regulations do not deprive the consumer of the protection granted to him/her under provisions that cannot be excluded by way of an agreement between GL and the consumer under the appropriate law. The provisions of these Regulations are not intended to exclude or limit any consumer rights conferred on them by mandatory provisions of law, and any possible doubts should be interpreted for the benefit of the consumer. In the event of any possible and unintended inconsistency of the provisions of these Regulations with the above laws, these laws are of the priority and shall be applied by GL.

Personal data

Your personal data are processed by GL as the controller. GL applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the processed personal data.

Providing personal data is voluntary, however, it is necessary to use certain functionalities of EcoHike, for example, account registration.

For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personal data and create an account. To create and manage a user account, we may collect and save the following information:

  • User email;
  • Password;
  • User name;
  • User profile image;
  • Environmental problems created/reported by the user;
  • Environmental problems that user follows.

We may use your personal data to provide you our Service, to process your requests or as otherwise may be necessary to perform the agreement for use of EcoHike, to ensure the functionality and security of our services, to identify you as well as to prevent and investigate fraud and other misuses.

Also, we may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example to inform you that our services have changed or to send you critical alerts and other such notices relating to our services and to contact you for customer care related purposes.

Each time, the scope of data required is indicated in EcoHike (we mark the data the application of which is necessary to use a certain functionality). The consequence of not submitting personal data may be the inability to effectively perform the above-mentioned activities.

In certain circumstances, you may have the right to access, update or to delete the information we have on you, or to complain to a data protection authority about our activities.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us e.g. at

Third parties

Our Service may contain links to, or may be embedded within, other companies’ websites and services that have privacy policies of their own. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that site. Note that these external sites are not operated by us. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services. GL strongly advise you to read the terms and privacy policies used for other websites.

Realizing how important the privacy of users is, GL protects not only users of EcoHike, but also users who provided their personal data to GL using other communication channels, i.e. the websites,, and any other websites marked or co-branded with the Facebook or Google brand (including sub-domains, international versions, widgets and versions for mobile phones), whose operating principles are based on regulations provided by relevant Facebook or Google entity. GL has no influence on the content of the legal regulations of the Facebook or Google website, including personal data.

EcoHike is developed based on third-party external services that may collect your personal data, such as Google FireBase and Mapbox.

Google FireBase states Google cloud database services that help to simplify the registration and authentication process, provide hosting and backend service, and allow sending messages and notifications to users across platforms such as Android, iOS, and the web.

Google FireBase service can collect the following personal data:

  • IP addresses;
  • Passwords;
  • Email addresses;
  • User agents;
  • Instance IDs;
  • Crash traces;
  • Device specs (iOS);
  • Mobile ad IDs;
  • IDFVs/Android IDs;
  • Analytics App Instance IDs.

Please see more details in regards of data processing by FireBase on the link below:

MapBox is a service that lets developers add beautiful maps and turn-by-turn navigation to their apps that can go offline. MapBox can implicitly collect such technical documentation:

  • IP address;
  • Device and browser information;
  • Operating system;
  • The content of the request;
  • The date and time of the request;
  • Limited location and usage data.

Please see more details in regards of data processing by MapBox on the link below:

The Regulations are effective since July 26th, 2019.