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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is expanding as smart systems continue to penetrate all areas of business and public life. Smart systems can "think" quickly, independently "perceive" their environment, and operate in dynamically changing conditions. GlobalLogic leverages its deep expertise (and dedicated Center of Excellence) in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help businesses gain valuable insights through data analysis, increase the efficiency and quality of their business operations, and better engage their end-users.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are especially critical for analyzing Big Data and making smarter business decisions and more engaging user experiences. Working in the interests of our customers, we use the latest AI and ML tools and techniques to extract as much value from data as possible.

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Case Study - AI/ML Battery Predictive Model

Work Examples

Leading UK Retail Bank

Big Data Solution to Protect Against Payments Fraud

Harmonic 2 1


Video Delivery Infrastructure for TV and Video Services

Multi-Brand Retail Bank

AIOps-Based Solution for Real-Time Insight and Automated Alerting

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