GlobalLogic provides experience design, digital product engineering services and Agile software development to global brands in all vertical industries.

We help you create value across the product lifecycle.

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations.

  • 02. Communications & Media

    As telecommunication and media services converge, businesses across both ecosystems must continuously adapt their products and services for a digitally savvy market. GlobalLogic works across the chip, network, and software layers to help media and communication service providers develop new and exciting products, from the tools we use to create content to the devices through which we consume it.



GlobalLogic works with semiconductor innovators to create amazing embedded products, from application and digital signal processors to wireless connectivity and networkings SoCs. Our proven expertise with chipsets and embedded software enables us to collaborate with customers on chip firmware, BSP and OS adaptation, drivers, and application layer software.

Communications Software

We collaborate with some of the world’s largest communications software vendors and Tier-1/Tier-2 mobile operators, wireline carriers, and cable companies to accelerate their R&D initiatives and integrate third-party solutions into their networks and service systems. In fact, many of our products are now industry standards in the SDP/VAS and OSS/BSS domains.

Consumer Electronics

By combining our expertises in both UI/UX design and embedded technologies, we enable our clients to develop innovative consumer electronic devices that create memorable user experience design , from smart TVs to eReaders. Our services range from integrating operating systems on top of bare SoCs to creating over-the-air management utilities.

Content Creation & Delivery

Media and entertainment companies are continuously searching for better ways to create, manage, and deliver content. We help them do this by leveraging our user experience development and technology skills to develop solutions such as media editing tools, media asset management systems, and online publishing and streaming platforms.

In addition, we have specialized experience in OTT application design and development. With 50+ Roku applications under our belt, and expertise across many other platforms, let us be your one-stop shop for all your OTT app needs. For more information about GlobalLogic OASIS (OTT Application Services), click here.

Digital Advertising

We help businesses develop solutions that increase brand awareness while optimizing advertising dollars. From ad creation and management platforms to campaign monitoring and reporting tools, we collaborate with solution providers on both online/mobile advertising solutions and advertising management solutions.

Network Equipment

We collaborate with some of the largest network equipment providers to build next-generation network equipment and the network management systems (NMS) that keep them running. With a focus on new generation IP-based networks, we provide end-to-end consultative services in disruptive markets such as wireless, digital video transmission, and unified communications.

Social Media

We help our customers leverage social media to amplify their brand and create new business opportunities through tools such as social commerce platforms and integrated mobile app/online apps. Whether our customers are running a unique campaign or building an internal employee engagement system, we help develop and launch innovative social media solutions to market faster.

Medical Technology