GlobalLogic provides experience design, digital product engineering services and Agile software development to global brands in all vertical industries.

There’s more to User Experience (UX) Design than meets the eye

We take a design-led approach to software engineering, because we know that UX design can not only determine the success of your product, but also your brand

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    Experience Design

    User experience design is the practice of determining how a user will perceive and interact with a product or service. GlobalLogic’s experience design arm, Method,takes a holistic approach to user experience design — from mapping the user journey across a specific platform (e.g. mobile, tablet, web, TV), to considering a business’ unique brand and relationship with its customers, to creating engaging user experiences that are as strong as the technology and software behind them.


In an increasingly digital world, consumers now not only engage with products and services, but also contribute to their continuous development. We approach UX design from a consumer-first perspective, putting users at the heart of the products we create. 

Brand development and strategy consultation

Quantitative market research and ethnography

Customer trend analysis and journey mapping

Design-driven product and user experience development

Technology integration and prototyping

Brand integration across all product and organization touchpoints

Product Engineering