AI and ML

Data Quality Solutions for Stream and Batch Data Processing

By Mark Norkin

Learn how data quality can be applied to both stream and batch data processing scenarios.

Achieving Energy Efficiency by Combining IoT, AI, and Cloud Computing

By Alvaro Soria, Nicolas Cieri

Discover how the IoT, AI, and cloud computing converge to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption in this whitepaper. Leverage sensor data and AI algorithms for smarter energy decisions.

Prompt Engineering for Generative AI Defined

By Dr Maria Aretoulaki

The term prompt engineering in context with how we interact with large language models is causing confusion. What does it really mean?

Using AI to Maximize Business Potential: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Non-Technical Professionals

By Kimberely Livingston

See the advantages of using AI in your business and how other companies are using AI in specific ways to improve sustainability and profitability.

In Software Engineering, How Good is Good Enough?

By Dr. Jim Walsh

If we strive for a state of perfection, how can our product ever be ready to ship? Dr. Jim Walsh shares insight on how to determine when good is good enough

Hyperautomation: Expanding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI

By Juan Rella, Aldo Delpeso, Agustin Silva

Learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used together to hyperautomate processes and improve your workflow.

Predictive Personalization for OTT

By Arun Mukunda

Over-The-Top (OTT) media platform viewership has grown with COVID-19. Learn how to focus on personalization for increased customer acquisition and engagement.

Shakespeare & Creative AIs: ChatGPT Reinvents a Classic

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Does the rise of ChatGPT and other creative AIs spell the end for creative writers and other original thinkers? Dr. Jim Walsh puts it to the test.

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