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World Usability Day: What is Usability and Why Does it Matter?

By Alejandro Prieto

As technology becomes more and more integrated with our daily lives — from connecting with friends on Facebook to communicating with health care providers through IoTM devices — well-designed systems will be crucial to getting the information and services we all need.

Is Kanzi Really Transforming UI Design?

By Valentina Pozzebon

We take a deep-dive review of Rightware’s Kanzi Studio, an increasingly popular tool for automotive UI design and development.

Thinking About Design Thinking

By Patrick Newbery

Learn how thinking like a designer can be an effective tool for solving problems, regardless of your role or business.

My Intro to the Amazing Partnership Between the US Paralympics and the Telecom Industry

By Sameer Tikoo

GlobalLogic attended—and sponsored—the “best networking event in the telecom industry,” the Adaptive Spirit Annual Event 2022. And it lived up to its reputation.

Best Practices for a Secure and Engaging Lottery & Gaming Platform

By Arun Mukunda

Crafting a lottery platform that’s secure, safe, and trustworthy starts with best practices and with help from an expert like GlobalLogic. Read on.

Manchester City Scores Big with GlobalLogic

By Arun Mukunda

Manchester City FC’s success with the help of Method, a GlobalLogic company, is possible for all sports betting technology companies. Read on to learn more.

5 Things Your Online Gamer is Struggling with Right Now

By Arun Mukunda

Sports betting platform, industry expertise, and innovation all play a part in overcoming online gamer challenges with an online sports betting app. Read on.

Adaptive and Intuitive Design: Disrupting Sports Broadcasting

By Arun Mukunda

Working hand-in-hand with Method, a GlobalLogic company, an on-demand sports platform has found success. So can companies within the sports betting industry.

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