Ukraine Update

GlobalLogic will provide regular updates here on the status of the Ukraine border conflict.

We are tracking the recent events very closely, staying up-to-date via multiple sources, including company leadership in Ukraine, US Ambassador’s Office in Ukraine, USUBC (US-Ukraine Business Council) and the US State Department.

The continuity and success of client projects, and the safety of our employees are always top priorities for GlobalLogic. We will take all necessary actions to assure the least impact to our employees and projects in Ukraine.

Latest Update as of April 15, 2022

We wanted to keep you informed of our Ukraine team status and the positive progress that we’ve made over the past few weeks.  The movement of Russian forces over the last few weeks towards the east and southeast of Ukraine has given our team a welcome opportunity to get people settled further, and continue the focused effort on people and projects.  While this “pause” in action is welcome news, we are not seeing a clear path to an end to the crisis at this time.

As you know, our delivery and account management teams have been actively working with your team members in assuring continuity of services.  With the majority of our employees settled in safer zones, or out of the country, we are pleased to see continued increase in team productivity.  Our current analysis shows that we have reached 93% average across all projects.  This is a testament of the resolve and focus of our Ukrainian workforce.

In addition, we’re very happy to announce that as of April 1st, I have created a special team to lead a high-priority effort around Ukraine client engagement, and the work of transitioning to new working models and locations.  We have appointed Zaheer Allam to take the lead in a new CCO (Chief Customer Officer) charter, reporting to me.  This function will work as an overlay across account and delivery management, creating seamless roadmaps and execution plans.  Your existing account delivery management will not change; as this team will act as an additional resource to facilitate action, and bring direct visibility into, and oversight from the CEO office.   Zaheer started out as a GlobalLogic client, he joined the company in 2014 as the Chief Delivery Officer, and most recently led our Private Equity and High Technology businesses.  His deep experience in engineering, existing client relationships, and perspective as a client make him the ideal leader to handle this critical function.  I expect this team will add tremendous value in enabling us to continue to serve you in the most effective manner in the future.

Last but not least, our work in establishing additional engineering facilities in desirable alternative locations is progressing nicely.  We have had many productive talks with the Central European governments.  We now have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in place with Slovakia, and in the final stages with Poland and Croatia.  Last week we met with the Spain Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, which led to several rounds of talks with Spanish government officials.  They’re very excited about the prospects of partnering with us in establishing a large engineering footprint in that country.    This will enable us to have ample work space, visa, and work-permit priority to relocate and accommodate much of our Ukraine workforce out of the country, once the borders open up to male immigration.  Relocation of Ukraine engineers will give us the best of both worlds – retaining the talent and enabling them to work in safer locations outside of Ukraine.

We are thankful for your continued support and want to assure you that our teams are working tirelessly in ensuring employee safety, as well as executing on a longer-term strategy to continue to service your needs.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Your GlobalLogic Team

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