Project Management

The AI-Powered Project Manager

By GlobalLogic Marketing

AI can help eliminate repetitive tasks for project managers. Learn how AI-powered tools can help you manage projects more efficiently..

Complex Digital Transformation Programs

By Arti Gupta

Digital transformation programs, by definition, refer to the programs that transform the way our clients operate, sustain and succeed.

Develop Restful API with Go and Gin

By Akanksha Sharma

Go is a powerful and easy to learn language that any programmer can adapt without difficulty. It’s as simple as its name, Go or Golang.

The Cost of Online-Only Interactions

By Dr. Jim Walsh

More of our work and personal interactions occur online. Technology has made it faster and easier to connect — but at what cost?

The Scrum Guide is Dead — Long Live the Scrum Guide!

By Roman Shcherbak

The latest version of the pivotal Scrum Guide has ushered in some interesting changes, including a significant simplification of language for a wider audience.

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Vasyl Akimov

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Sahil Gupta

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Sonal Padole

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Vimal Dhale

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Arti Gupta

Arti Gupta

Sr. Manager, Engineering

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